GIC.DK Løveid Amazing Nemi Stripes -"Nemi"

Name: GIC. DK Løveid Amazing Nemi Stripes
Nickname: Nemi
Color: Calico
Born:18-07-2004 in Copenhagen
Sire: Fulaluv Starsnstripes of Rackartuss
Dam:IC.s*Klelofts Kriztallika Massets

Litters: Zeraphina Uniqa 
Imagine litter, Tiger Shoes litter


Bloodtype B

I thought everything would go wrong- only one kitten survived out of three...
Then when she was mother herself, only one kitten arrved.
Later to be just the biggest success  of this cattery.
Zeraphina Uniqa.  Nemi is a very friendly and loving pet.

Nemi nærbilde
Nemi nærbilde