Morea van Berkendonck   "Morea", "Frk.Dings"

Name:Morea van Berkendonck
Nickname: Morea, Frk: Dings
Color: Black-white bicolor
Born: 16-10-2009 in Helmond, The Netherlands
Father: Løveid Pantalaimon
Mother: Zonnentempel's Confetti

Morea, is born in The Netherlands and daughter of our lovely Pan. She is a fun creature, very playful and we love her so much.
Morea is now having a new life as a loving pet together with her daugher Wallis (DK Løveid Water Lily) with family in Oslo.

Morea with her father and brother
Morea with her father and ...
Morea on the dollhoue
Morea on the dollhoue
Face Morea
Face Morea