2015-04-0105-02-2015 Dream has kittens! Two females and two males. Masked.

08-03 - Electra has kittens!  Two calico girls, one masked boy

Please ask!


 have kept a secret for you guys, sooo long. But today I cannot hide the great news anymore. DK LØVEID can warmly welcome not less than two young males to brighten up our 10.year celebration of breeding the Cornish Rex cats this spring.

This weekend I was visiting Malmoe, the Sydkatten show, well prepared to take home S* Pemicos Casino Royale!  CRX f 03. 64 (black bicolor with green eyes). 

Not easy to find a super sire these days, and I fell for this little bicolor boy many weeks ago when I tried to help a catfriend to find a pet for herself. Actually it was Bente who found the kittens first! Iiiik, I said, buy them all!  A little later I said: Why buy two when we can buy one promising for booth needs, breeding and company? 

So now Casino Royale, or Mio is well installed at Bente's, awaiting for shows and other fun to come ;) Not bad at all that the Pemico litter of four became a BIS- litter very soon on the Saturday judgement I must add.

I have a few secrets more, but on the male side a another bicolor boy will arrive in May. As for the red boy news I will present him a little later for you. But I can say so much as: It Ain't No Cure for Love…

Now I will just say big thanks to Peter & Micke, the breeders of the Pemico Bond- litter (Bond as in James Bond, of course; not "The farmer litter", as I early presumed it to be).

2013-02-18DK Løveid Ninianne Le Fay won a BIS in her first show ever at a BERAK show in Framohallen yesterday, Febr. 17th. Saturday Selena Light's Electra became a Champion. 

2012-09-04 Apollo & Yavanna's  kittens arrived on July 21. 

Apollo & Hurricane Jane's kitten arrived on August 13.

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2012-06-18Young Apollo likes the elder ladies! 

I am so happy to announce the coming litter of  DK Løveid Temple of Apollo & IC DK Tvaermose's Yavanna Kementári. Birth will be around July 20. I will come back to all details later on. First we must celebrate these wonderful news!
Pedigree of the litter 


This little girl, Elektra from Russia has now arrived in our cattery.
Løveid Zeraphina & Løveid Elvenpath is her grandmothers. 
With us she has joined her gr. grandmothers Nemi, Bionda & Blui, 
her gr. grandfather!

2012-02-17 Hello cornish fans, here is our next plans for the spring & summer 2012. Our beautiful Apollo is ready for girls very soon. See PLANS

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2011-08-03 ...and finally, Water Lily has moved in with the Løveid family in Oslo, under the name Wallis, intelligence tells me ;-)

2011-06-28Løveid Cornish Rexes have moved to a charming, very old Bergen house close to Bergen City, and close to the fjord. 

2011-06-11 Baroque has found a new home in Copenhagen.

2011-06-08Rose has moved to a new loving home with Sandy in Copenhagen.

2011-03-23 SUNDAYKIDS: Morea had five kittens on March 13;

one solid black (CRX n) male
one black-white harlekin (CRXn02) male
one black-white bicolor (CRX n03)male 
one black -white bicolor (CRX n03 female
one black-white bicolor (CRX n03) female

2011-02-11 Morea & Zodiak has had an affair in the New Year's celebration and tumult. We're expecting kittens
in week 10.

2010-07-25 Catshow in Brejning. Our results was an Ex1 for Jane and a NOM for Morea. Summer Snow took his third CAC and is now Champion.

RO* Made in Romania Hurricane Jane has arrived in our cattery.

2010-07-01 Morea has her own page now!

2010-06-29Hot summer plans for Rose and Yavanna! See KITTENS

2010-06-28 Morea van Berkendonck is our new coming queen. I will soon give photos.

Also I will publish new mating plans. Link to Celexa cattery in U.K. is fixed.

2010-04-08 News from the catshow arena: our winther/spring results:
Debut in UK:
Our export to Celexa Cornish Rex, Løveid Secret Message "Enzo" represented us well on his first English show in Felis Britannica Aristocats Cat Club: Saturday 27-03 his first CAC, and Sunday 28-03 he went all the way with CAC-NOM-BIS  adult kat III- and...BEST in Category!
Debut In Holland:
In Hilversum, 21-02  Løveid Pantalaimon's lovely daughter Morea van Berkendonc, black- white, also made her show debut with BIS in 3-6 months. Her brother Apple Juice was NOM at that show too.
Debut in Norway:
Løveid Summer Snow made Norway debut 21-22-02 in Bergen, Hansakatten, and was NOM on Sunday, 6-10 months.
Title in Norway:
In Oslo Løveid Chinatown "China" had a marvellous weekend at the NORAK show with new title IP- NOM- BIS on Saturday 21.3.
Sunday China's results was as brilliant: CAGPIB-NOM-BIS!
Big congrats to owners and their wonderful cornishes!

2010-03-27 Message has gone to England.

2010-02-09A lovely cornish pair of mother & son for sale!

2010-02-06Løveid Chinatown has started a showcarrier as altered. I have made a page for China here.

2010-02-06 New link to Brazilian cattery Gatil Beautiful Strangers

2010-01-27 We have planned two new litters this spring...
Secret Message have met Oomi (Løveid Spellbound Masquerade), but we are not sure yet if he was too green. See PLANS
Some updates on LITTERS and RESULTS

2010-01-24Sunday we went to Rishøj, køge to KATTEKLUBBEN's first 2010 FIFe show. The club's ww09  Pendragon's Weathergirl  CRX was the front page girl on the catlogue, as well as BIS in th show.
This club has a nack for (cornish) rexes, an exclusive breed in Denmark, and will always invite good judges for us.
Løveid Out Of Africa,"Isak", was NOM by Martti Peltonen. WCF judge and chairman Anneliese Hackman,s diploma gave our Rose is a Rose the title International Champion,IC.
Two of the four last Landa's kittens, Choco and Andrea,  had nice certificate diplomas (Ex1) and got first training for shows from the sympatically Minna Krogh. Thank you for that! Many lovely cornishes in this show.
Congratulations to owner Pia Christjansen for the nomination of lovely Isak, a "dark horse" totally without show experience on the podium together with distinguished world winners...

2009-12-29 Iolanda is fine and whishes you a very HAPPY 2010!