The Løveid Cornish Rexes lives in an old house in Bergen, Norway, and there is always a cat or three sitting in the window,
if you come by........yes, but...

Who are we?

We are Norwegians, we have lived in Copenhagen since 1999 and now we have moved back to Bergen on the west coast of Norway.

I, CEC try to do my best in bringing up the lovely and beautiful cornish rex cats, the race I have really fallen in love with, to the standard of nobelty.

I have a grown up son too, Mats. He lives in Norway in a village for people
with special needs, since he has Down’s Syndrom.

And a daughter married in Oslo, Live. And Ellisif, still in Copenhagen. 
All four of us are pleased with cats,
and they are the very center of the family.

Why Cornish Rex cats?

Today the answer to this question will be; because they are so very sweet and elegant! But it started with a very common problem for catlovers. In the first place we where looking for ”a cat with curls”, since we had heard that they where better for allergics.

We had to give away a very sweet angora many years ago of allergy reasons.
And the advice was correct! I can live with a bunch of cats whithout any problem.
I do not promise it will work for everybody, you must know that there is no problem, before you comes home with a kitty from me.

How are they to live with?

To awake in the morning by a purring song , and to find the kitty streched out right before me is a poem. All day is full of loving poems written by our cats.

All days are full of lovely things to look at, smile at, that long and slender wavy ”dragon” physique, to play with, to be greeted at when you come home.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our Løveid Cattery page, and that you will find Cornish Rex cats as attractive and delightful as we do.


If you should be interested to have your own Løveid Cornish Rex- kitty,
please let us now.
Our e-mail address is: